Ming For LUSH

Our Girl for LUSH this time is the blogger/stylist Ming. She always wows us with very beautifully pulled-together looks. With a unique ability to stay ahead of the trends, she adds her own twist to any outfit effortlessly. We had a chat with her and also got to play a "this or that" game with her! Enjoy.

Name: Ming
Blog: http://www.vintagesnoise.thechildlikeempress.com
Age: 27
What inspired or motivated you to start your blog? After years of reading numerous fashion blogs and fashion magazines, I finally decided that writing about fashion, design and lifestyle was my real passion, and vintagesnoise.thechildlikeempress.com was born. Now my blog is still just really personal, it’s about what I love to wear, things that inspire me and I find and adore on the internet, from a pair of heels to a great street style picture and random stuff I fell like sharing.

What are your favorite fashion and style blogs and why? http://www.kayture.com and http://garypeppergirl.com. Kristina Bazan and Nicole are definitely my fave bloggers because the way they dress truly makes me dazzle. Their style is super elegant, timeless and chic and since I'm into this style myself it's always fun to see their looks. Nevertheless the photography of their partners, their passion for the job and the fact that their talented in like...everything! The thing is that I admire people who do what they love the most, work hard to achieve their dreams. They inspire me a lot.

How would you describe your style? Chic and elegant

Who's your favourite style icon? Olivia Palermo

What four staple items are must haves in your closet? LBD, Basic Cardigans, Basic Blazers, Comfy Skinny Jeans 

What are your five necessities that you can’t live without? Cell Phone, Sunblock, Lip Balm, Internet Connection, Camera.

What do you think is the biggest fashion no-no? Visible Panty Lines

What do you think will be the big fashion hits for next season? 
Fair Isle prints, chunky sweaters, and oversize hats

What do you like to do when not blogging about fashion? 

Ming's Pick: Faux Leather Overall Dress

Black or white? Black
Shorts or skirt? Skirt
Day or night? Day
Lipstick or eyeliner? Eyeliner
Summer or Winter? Summer
Lastly, how many LUSH items do you own and how do you like LUSH? 4! I love LUSH because you can get almost everything from the website, from chic style, to edgy, to grunge. You name it They got it! =)
Ming's Pick: Disco Sequinned Strappy Tank