Rima Vaidila For LUSH

We're super stoked to have one of our favourite bloggers - Rima of Fire On The Head, to model two outfits for LUSH. We also got the chance to find out what inspires her wardrobe, her favourite places to shop, and also where she got the name for her blog! Read on and enjoy.

Name: Rima Vaidila

Blog: Fire on the Head (www.fireonthehead.com) Instagram: @rima_rama

Age: 20

Hometown: Toronto. Currently between Florida/LA

Date Started Blogging: October 2012

Why did you initially decide to start a blog? I started in the fashion industry via modelling and as a model you are told what to wear and there is an entire team making you look a certain way. I wanted to transform my love for being in front of the camera into a passionate editorial endeavour. Creating my blog allowed me to write about my OWN style and ideas. Through it I am able to develop a dialogue to match the photographs because I am more than a mannequin.

What is the story behind your blog's title?Well….when I started my blog and was thinking of names I had fiery red hair (had been dyed for a job) and so I was trying to play on the fact that I had red hair and my writing is my unfiltered “fiery” opinion. Boom! Fire on the Head was born!

How would you describe your style? I would consider myself a California tomboy with cool girl swagger and a dash of minimalism. I live in denim and neutral colors in simple shapes. I love pairing an oversized athletic sweater with a pair of high-waisted skinnies and vans. I think I was a skater girl in a previous life as I couldn’t live without a pair of classic black vans.

Wide Neck T-shirt Dress

Who inspires your wardrobe and why? I draw inspiration from everything. Editorials, street style, blogs and my favorite style inspiration Alexa Chung. She is the perfect cool-girl. A cohesive mix of girly vintage and downtown tomboy. She pairs girly vintage dresses with knee socks, sneakers and a panama hat. Not to mention her haircut!

What do you do when you're not blogging? I’m in school fulltime right now completing my B.A in Business Marketing. I plan to eventually get into editing, advertising and creative direction. In my free time I love playing photographer (rima-rama.tumblr.com is my photo blog,) I enjoy being on both sides of the camera. I also travel every chance I get. Nothing is more inspiring that exploring a new city full of opportunity.

What are your personal favorite blogs? Why? A few of the blogs I check daily are Oracle Fox, Patternity, Natalie off Duty, Mija, We Wore What and Bleach Black. I like to have an eclectic mix on my blog roll because I never know what will peak my interest or inspire me.

Any advice for anyone who wants to start her/his own blog? Go for it! I hesitated a little before finally starting mine because I wasn’t sure what I was going to write. Once I started, however, it just kinda went. If you feel like you have something to say, do it! Although there are tons of “bloggers” everyone’s opinion and perspective is unique.

What are the best aspects of running your own blog? What are the hardest aspects? Best aspect would be that I control everything. I create all of the content, manage all outreach correspondence and I have fun doing it! The hardest aspect for myself is time management. I sometimes get side tracked on other projects and just am not able to allocate as much time to my blog as I would like to (i.e. daily posts instead of my current tri-weekly.)

Open Back Mini Dress

Where are your favorite places to shop? Oh jeez haha. Well I’m a bit of an online shopping addict so some of my favorites are Need Supply Co, Asos, Opening Ceremony, Zara, Urban Outfitters and I also occasionally find gems at vintage shops.

What trend from the past would you like to make a comeback? Although I’m not much for following trends… I would love to see people rocking one piece body suits with high waisted denim a-la my babe of a mother in the 80’s. I’ve been doing this lately with my favorite American Apparel one pieces.